Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

TGIF!! Can you believe it is already March 18th!? I surely cannot. I think time moves a whole lot quicker when you work at a desk job all day. Spring is in full gear here in Charlotte. It's warm during the day with the sun out and the mornings and evenings are cool. I love this time of year and would be perfectly okay if it was like this year round! But unfortunately, this will be short lived and the unbearably heat will be here. Sigh. Well, I'm soaking it up while I can. I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika for Friday Favorites. 


On Monday I shared a day in the life of moi. It was pretty much an ordinary day for me...working out, eating, working, etc :) If you haven't had a chance to read it, check it out here! I've been working on a post that documents what I eat and how it's made me successful in weight loss, so this post gives you a little preview. 


 On Tuesday I got Kristin Cavallari's book. On Wednesday, I finished her book haha! I read it so quickly. I really enjoyed it. I've had a girl crush on her since back in her Laguna Beach days (aging myself, here). She has great taste, eats healthy, and is a business woman #girlpower

It's a really quick and easy read. I've been working on a book review post so stay tuned for a full recap!


I saw this post while mindlessly scrolling through Instagram the other day. It spoke to my heart because it's what I truly believe.

I know that someone out there needs to read this and someone needs to hear this. Your happiness is paramount. Nothing else nor no one else can make you happy until you love yourself. I talked about my revelation about this here. If you haven't checked it out, you should. I talk about how I'm dating myself and what impact that's had on my life. 


   Well, if you follow me on Instagram and/or Snapchat the "cat" is out of the bag! I have a new family member...

...Gigi!! Look at my little nug! Gigi fell into my lap. My friend, Sara, has a frenchie, Winston, who she (and me too!) adores. The breeder had mentioned that she had a 1 year old pup who she had purchased to breed but ended up being too small. She's out of the puppy phase, potty trained, and crate trained. I was intrigued. Fun fact about me...when I've made up my mind I move quickly. I'm very decisive and once I decided I was going to get her we packed up on Saturday to grab her.

She's pretty shy but at the same time spunky. She snorts like a pig when she's happy, when she eats, and even when she's pouting. She hasn't quite figured out how to tell me she needs to potty and she refuses to walk on a leash. Straight. Out. Refuses. But she's mine. She's my little piglet and I love her to pieces.

All the dog mama's out there...any tips, secrets, ideas, etc. I should know? I had dogs growing up but this is my first pup all on my own! I would love to hear any suggestions.

My weekend will be pretty low key. I have a lot of meal prepping to do, cleaning, adult stuff...blegh. But I also plan on spending a lot of QT with my little piglet. Oh how life has changed!! What are y'all up to this weekend? Are y'all having beautiful weather like Charlotte? Have a great one, loves! xo

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  1. That book sounds so good! Send it to me;) I loved reading the story of how you and Gigi found each other! I'm so excited to get a puppy next year!

  2. Happy Friday Lauren! And Gigi too! Congratulations on adopting each other. As for tips, I have lots, but first thing is to find a good vet, and have Gigi checked out to form a baseline of her health. also, get her microchipped, a small rice grain-sized device implanted under her skin. Since she doesn't like being on leash, and although she won't get out of your apartment, just in case she's separated from you, shelters and vets can scan her to reconnect you. Another big one, and scary one, know where the closest emergency vet clinic is to you. This is a 24/7 facility in case GiGi gets ill or hurt after hours. Actually drive there, know where it is, because I can tell you your brain gets muddled when your oet is hurting and you are driving in the dark to find this place. (Getting off soap box)

    I love the IG saying about you having to carve your own happiness and self care - I am still learning this in my early 50s. I had the mindset that others would make me happy, find happiness for me... Nope. There's love and support of others, but I have to care for me.

    Sorry for the long comment. Have a great weekend with your new love! Woof!

  3. Aahh a puppy!!! Chico hated the leash at first....and it took like a week to get him to walk with it. We like to take him tonthenparknand stuff so I knew the leash was imperative! I kinda had to tug at it the first couple days and he finally got the hang of it! Good luck!! Have a great weekend! Enjoy the beautiful Carolina weather

  4. Love that quote from insta!! Your post about dating yourself is one of my favorites! And oh my goodness, Gigi is too cute! I hope you have a great weekend!

    - Seri

  5. So many people have raved over Kristen's book this week! I think I'm finally going to have to give it a read!

  6. Kelsey, you definitely should read it! I've been following your instagram and love seeing your healthy journal! I think the book would speak to ya

  7. I can't wait for your book review because I am super curious about that book! Welcome to the best relationship of your life, gigi is absolutely adorable. I definitely recommend crate training, I did it with my pup betty and it was the best decision. Can't wait to see more Gigi to come!
    Linds @ Not A Mom