Monday, March 14, 2016

Day in the Life of a PostGrad

Good morning, friends! How was everyone's weekend? As always, the weekend flew by in a blur. Seriously though, how can the week crawl by but the weekends are done in a blink of the eye? So frustrating. 

So a lot of my favorite bloggers have done a Day in the Life Post documenting their everyday. A little back story about memory is horrible. I can recall the most bizarre facts about pop culture but I can barely remember life events from a year ago. This blog has become such a great place for me to record my life so I don't forget how magical the normality of life is. 

My life is pretty mundane and this post will prove it ;). I wanted to record a very ordinary day for me. Basically, eating, working out, and work is my life! Well here we go, a day in the life of this girl.

My alarm goes off at the ripe old hour of 5:00 AM. Don't get me wrong it's as painful as you would imagine but I don't want to let any aspect of my life "give" so I have to get up early. I give myself 5 minutes in bed to scroll through my social media and respond to any texts that came while I slept. Then I drag myself to the bathroom to use the restroom and record my weight for the day.

I wake up parched, always. So I always leave a full Nalgene of water in my bathroom to chug when I wake up. Keeping it real with this picture...bed head, no makeup, glasses, and super red, tired eyes. 

I trek into the kitchen. Boy, it's early.

First thing's first, coffee. My lifeline for early mornings.

I use a splash of almond milk in my coffee. 

While my coffee is brewing I pack my snacks for the day. 

Pre-workout fuel time. My absolute favorite Almond butter. I've tried a lot of different ones and this is my favorite. Also, the only ingredient is almonds. Love that. 

A banana with almond butter and cinnamon. My breakfast heaven. 

Time for some quiet time. I'm reading my pastor's new book. 

Reading it from my couch. 

My favorite line from my morning's reading. 

I decided to go get dressed in my clothes before coming back to eat and read my blogs. Will I make my bed this morning? Nahhhhh. See it pretty and all made in this post :)

I made sure my gym bag was packed. 

And that my work clothes were set out. 

Changed into my workout clothes. 

Then came back and moderated some comments from last night. 

And responded to everyone!

Checked my emails. Yuck!

Read some of my favorite blogs. 

Afterwards, I worked on my Friday Favorite's Post. 

It was time to get ready to go. I took my probiotic. I swear by taking this. Especially when you make a large change to your diet. It helps keep the good bacteria in your belly. 

Like I mentioned in my Workout Wednesday post, I park on the first floor of my apartment building and take the stairs up and down to get some steps in. So I head downstairs to leave for the gym!

I leave for the gym around 6:05 AM so the traffic is light and the sky is usually still dark. 

I arrive at the gym around 6:15 or 6:20 AM. 

By this point I've already drank my whole Nalgene so I need a refill. I told ya I was thirsty!

My bootcamp class starts at 6:30 AM so I have a few minutes before I have to be in there so I decide to walk to get some steps in. 

This is our workout for class. I hated every minute ;) 

The aftermath. My face is red and I'm sweaty. I usually have to stop around 7:10 AM when I work at 8. 

I shower and then start getting ready. Here I am sans makeup after finishing my hair. *I do have my eyebrows filled because I do that while my hairspray dries* 

I do my makeup and put on my clothes. The weather in Charlotte has been beautiful so I decided to go with some color blocking. 


Makeup is on!

 I head upstairs to my desk to get my steps in. 

Prepare myself mentally to talk with clients. 

My desk. 

My post workout meal is usually spread out through the morning while I work. It includes 2 hardboiled eggs, blueberries, and raspberries. This morning it also included a coffee from the cafeteria at my work because I was TIRED. 

 I recently decided to start tracking my macros so I was keeping an eye on that all day as well. 

 I went to lunch at 1:30 to my favorite place in the world, Chopt. Yummmmm. I usually eat half and save the other half for lunch the next day. It really holds up well. I think mostly because Kale is a little "sturdier" than other types of bases. And yes I just called a vegetable study haha!

That afternoon I have my afternoon snack. I usually save this for after market close at 4 pm. It's like a little celebration to myself that the day is slowing down. This afternoon snack looks different than it used to. I've been working with a health coach who's taught me that just a piece of fruit does you no good. The reason is that it needs to be paired with some protein to help your blood sugar stay more constant. It helps keep you fuller, longer. 

I had some break in the afternoon so I took a walk around my work's campus with my friend, Sara. But of course I forgot to take a picture, sigh. Then it was time to head home! Finally!

I was so happy that when I got home my package of Rx Bars were there! I've tried 2 already and have been pretty impressed. I'll do a review on them shortly. 

Keeping it real, nothing I had sounded good to me to eat for dinner. Normally, I would've made really poor decisions but this time I decided to give into my cravings somewhat and I had cereal for dinner. That rarely ever happens but it seemed like a treat because it was so different than my norm. I still kept my calories in check though by having Kashi Go Lean cereal with blueberries and almond milk. I really enjoyed it and it filled me up.

The night is not over for me! Time to study for the GMAT. I studied till about 9:30 pm. 

I headed home and checked my mailbox. My Essential oils came in! Thanks, Kimm!

No rest for the weary. Time to wrap up Friday's blog post. 

I then showered and got ready for bed. Set my alarm to do it all again tomorrow. 

And victory is mine...I killed my step game! 

I went to bed around 10:30-10:45. That's a pretty average, typical day in my life. It's pretty uneventful but it's my normal. What does your typical day look like? What should I add to my day? Thanks as always for reading, folks! Lurv y'all xo

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  1. Ah love reading these kinds of posts! Your day is so full but you get a lot done :) Happy Monday!

    1. I try to get a lot done! I get a lot less done these days with Gigi...:)

  2. Is your gym at your work? I'm SO impressed you work out before work. I wake up a few mins before I have to leave for work and really have to push myself to work out after work and that doesn't always happen.

    So fun to follow along your day! You eat really healthy like me! A girl at work the other day asked if I eat meat bc she said she only ever sees me eating salad and fruit hah!

    Happy Monday girl!

    1. Yes my gym is in the bottom of my building at work! It's amazing. I would rather get it done and out of the way! I try to eat healthy! That's too funny...maybe you should add some chicken to your salad :)

  3. These are always my favorite type of posts !!! And yay for your oils getting there !!! And seriously go girl for getting up so early, eating good and working out

  4. Do you have a gym at your work? What kind of work do you do?

    1. Hi Melanie! My gym is in the bottom of my building at work. It's amazing! I work in the financial/investment business! Thanks for reading

  5. I loved seeing a day in your life! You make me want to become a morning person! Hopefully it will happen for me someday :)

    I think I'll do a post like this soon!
    - Seri

    1. I had to train myself to become a morning person, trust me! I would love you to follow suit and do a post about your day :)

  6. Happy Monday Lauren! I love your day in the life post... I am so curious, er, nosy about what others do in their day. I feel like I am a pretty rote person so I look to see if I can get some ideas. I love the tip from your trainer about pairing protein with fruit. No wonder my fruit doesn't sustain me! Have a great week!

    1. Haha! I'm nosey too! Try it, it really helps! Thanks, Laurie!

  7. So fun! You are on it with your diet and exercise, girl! Super motivating! Your makeup is so fabbbbb! Teach me your ways.
    Linds @ Not A Mom