Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November Goals

Happy November 4th...let that soak in. Not only is it November {WHERE DID OCTOBER GO} but it's also the 4th. Time has been flying by lately. Well any who, it's that time again...monthly goals! Full disclosure, goals have been a weak area for me. Time goes so quickly that goals fall to the side a lot of times. Let's see how October went and what's up for November.


1. Pack and prepare for my trip. DONE. I talked a little bit about what I packed here. Also, if you missed it I covered the first part of my trip on Monday. Check it out!

2. Figuring out my new routine. I've made strides in this but have a ways to go. I have gotten better about getting on track with working out but quiet time hasn't become a part of my new routine. I hate it, but I'm being honest. Need to work on that.

3. Get dental work done. Didn't accomplish this because of work and trip conflicts but I rescheduled for next week. I'm very big on taking care of my teeth so I don't like pushing this off! Gotta keep those pearly whites in check.

4. Meet up with friends and family in Charlotte. Well, I had the opportunity to meet up with a reader, Laura, which was great! I also planned to meet up with a sorority sister next week so making progress.

5. Book club. Well, that's a hot mess. Trying to coordinate schedules is a headache ;) Stay tuned.


1. Buy my ACC Championship tickets. I've made no bones about it, I'm obsessed with my Clemson tigers. This year has been awesome because we're killing it! We're #3 in the AP Poll and the #1 pick in the CFB rankings! I LOVE MY TIGERS!!! That being said, the ACC championship is in Charlotte and I have to be there. I need to go ahead and get my tickets.

2. Blog more recipes. I love writing and experimenting with recipes. It's definitely one of my passions. Working {do I sound like a broken record yet?} makes it hard to cook. I just am so tired after work that I don't feel like whipping up an elaborate meal. I'm trying to work on that this month.

Veggie Pizza
Faux mashed potatoes
3. Start Christmas shopping. I want to have plenty of time to pick thoughtful and intentional gifts so I try to start my shopping early. Also, it takes less of a financial hit if I start earlier rather than saving it all to the last minute. 

4. Get a good outfit for the Panther's game. My cousin, Brenna, is coming down with some of her friends to go to the Panthers' game! I'm so excited! I'm not a huge NFL fan but the Panthers do have my heart. Also, they're killing it too! My teams are making me proud. This is my first Panthers' game so I want to make sure I have a good outfit to remember the occasion ;) Here is some of my outfit inspiration...

5. Lose 2 lbs. I've talked some about my efforts to eat cleaner and lose a little weight. Well, I've made a lot of progress. I'll blog about that later but this month I want to add an additional 2 pounds to my lost list. I want to lose it the healthy way that's why I don't set unrealistic expectations for myself. There's been a lot of sweating. I look good, right?

Let's make November a good one! See you back here Friday for my favorites. Love you all! xoxo
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  1. So many things to comment on! Looks like you did awesome in October...I'm terrified of the dentist so bravo for getting your check up in! Please write more recipes so I can try them hah! && I'm the biggest Panthers fan so I'm super jealous you get to go but LOVING your outfit idea!
    PS. I would love to do french, I heard that there are some good apps to help you learn a new language but I haven't decided on any thing yet!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

    1. Haha for some reason I welcome the that weird!? And how crazy that you're a Panther's fan!!

  2. bout them panthers! They are kicking some serious butt so far this season! Girl you're gonna love going to the game. The atmosphere is awesome! Enjoy it girl!!!

  3. I love how you post your goals each month! I am thinking of joining the bandwagon. And I am so glad I get to benefit from one of your goals with the recipes! Yay!

  4. Let's go November goals! As for the meals...definitely prep on Sunday's. It's something I'm working on this month and I've found that it's so much better for me to have something to just heat up when I get home and don't feel like actually cooking. It's helped me soooo much!