Tuesday, November 17, 2015

PostGrad Travels: Part 4...the finale!

Tuesday comes so quickly...sigh! Today I'm going to wrap up my travel recaps...finally! I'm sorry for all the readers out there who could careless. It's almost over ;) Before I share my last 2 days in Spain I want to send prayers, thoughts, and love to the most magical city I've ever visited, Paris. I have no doubt that if you've ever been to Paris you left a piece of your heart. After I heard about this horrendous attack on humanity I started to flip through my pictures of when I visited.

Such a city full of love and happiness. I hope that their peace is restored soon.

Well, on to today's post...my last few days in Spain! My Momma and I getting ready to leave the hotel.

We stayed in the sweetest B&B in Spain. The people were so kind and attentive.

Hi, Dad!

They've missed her while she's been gone!

Just 3 McGreevy girls.

Selfies in Spain.

Daddy's girls.

Can't even make this view up.

My parents are so cute!!


Thanks for sitting through our family photoshoot! Afterwards, we walked around.

See the ferry underneath the bridge? We road that across the water!

Walking across the bridge.

Coming to the well-known Guggenheim art museum.

The next day we ventured to San Sebastian. I did a pretty poor job of taking pictures that day. It was our last day so I guess I was pictured out. 

The water was beyond gorgeous. So crystal clear and the salt air wafted in all parts of the city.

 It was a gorgeous seaside town. Spain was beautiful and enchanting. I would love to visit again and hit some of the bigger cities. This trip was good for the soul. If you missed my time in Belgium check it out here and here. Also, my first part of my trip in Spain is here. I would love to hear what y'all think. Love you all and thanks for hanging in there through all of these travel posts! xoxo

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  1. First, I love that red jacket! like, LOVE! Second, I get giddy looking at these pictures because I've never seen anything near that beautiful! GORGEOUS pics!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

    1. Thank you!! It's actually a steal from Forever 21!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your travels with us! I've loved reading about it and seeing all the pics

    1. Thanks, Kimm!! Love that you've enjoyed it!

  3. I feel like I've never seen the part of Spain you were in before!! It's so pretty! I love the old buildings so close to the ocean :) Also, I'm dying about your buffalo plaid jacket. That is a serious shopping NEED

    1. It's the north coast so not the areas of Spain people are used to seeing!! Thanks!! The jacket was a steal from Forever 21!

  4. so many beautiful pictures! that is so sweet and fun that you got to enjoy this time with your family. family xmas card anyone ? :)