Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

Cheers to Friday! I wish I could pop some bottles to celebrate with all of y'all. This weekend is going to be great! I haven't been home since I moved to Charlotte in May...WHAT. I know, it's crazy. So I'm heading home after work tonight and then riding to and from the Clemson game tomorrow with my parents. Phew, it's going to be a busy weekend!

As always, this Friday I'm telling you my favorites for this week.


My Sandy costume was so much fun! I found this great one piece that worked great for my costume from Asos. Also, my roommate did my eye makeup and I added false eyelashes to complete my look. I'm a complete makeup junkie so this was so much fun for me.

Look at that duck face. I can't even help it!

This is my girl, Rachel. Love her immensely! How beautiful is friendship? I've known Rachel for about 5 months and I love her unconditionally. I consider her a friend for life.


My Clemson Tigers are absolutely killing it! They are #3 in the AP Poll and #1 in the CFB Rankings! To say I'm excited is an understatement. This weekend, like most, I will be heading to Death Valley. This game is huge for us. I always want to be there for my Tigers through the thick and thin. Last night I bought my ACC Championship tickets.

I can't wait to see my Tigers to move on up!


Last weekend after church, my roomie and I met up for a delicious brunch with my friend from college, Lisa. We went to a great brunch place, 5Church. It was so delicious and such a cool atmosphere!

Local people, you have to check it out! Also, that Uptown snapchat filter is my jam.


This is my crutch this week. Y'all, breakups bring back insecurities you thought were gone. Realizing  that in order to find a good partner, I have to be happy with myself.

Easier said than done, everyone.


Loving this song to workout to this week! Check it out.

Have a great weekend, friends! Love you all, xoxo!

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  1. SO many things to comment on! You look freakin' gorg as sandy!! I love that you have a friend that you just met not too long ago that you are that close with, sometimes I think girls already have best friends at this age and I find it hard to see where I fit in so I love how welcoming you are! Oh my goodness, follow me on snapchat: lindsaymclovin so I can add you!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

    1. Thanks, friend!!! I need to find you on snapchat!

  2. You look beautiful♥♥

  3. Love your Sandy costume!!! Bet you were the hottest one there on Halloween! Also, so fun that you're going to be hanging out with your parents this weekend since MAY. That's crazy, I couldn't go that long. Enjoy your Clemon game :) and get some more of that delicious looking food!

    1. You are too sweet! I guess I should've clarified...first time being home but like 7th time seeing my family haha

  4. You make a great Sandy! Great costume idea :) I hope you have a great time seeing your family!!