Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday couldn't get here quick enough. This week I worked overtime so I'm beyond exhausted. But this weekend won't slow life down...we have a big coworker celebration tonight and I'm going to Clemson for the game tomorrow. The life of a college football fan...sigh.


I got my own cubical last week and I've wanted to bring in some personal touches to decorate it. I haven't had a chance to print any pictures to bring in but I brought a few fun items that make it feel more homey.

I have a lot of my favorite things...a picture with my friends, an Anthropologie vase, a souvenir from my time in Russia, and a Clemson sign! I have a lot of space taken up by work materials but I love seeing a corner of happiness everyday.


The Clemson game last weekend was beyond extreme. We felt the rain produced by Joaquin and it rained the entire day. Insane amounts of rain. Here's some proof...this is usually a grass field.

So my friend, Max, and I did what we had to do to survive the rain...drink Jet Fuels.

Are our ponchos hot or what?

The snapchat filters were on point.

Even though the weather was insane, I would sit through it any day to see my Tigers win!


I met up with a reader, Laura, (HEY GIRL) on Wednesday for dinner. It was a lot of fun to have girl talk and meet a new friend in Charlotte! We're both in the same boat that we just graduated and moved to Charlotte for jobs. I barely had time to change before meeting her so I threw on my favorite black jeans and my converses with a chambray shirt.

It's a little edgier than my style but I really liked it and it was super comfy! I'm seriously obsessed with my converses and my black jeans. They turn an outfit from bland to trendy instantly.


Full disclosure, I have a girl crush on Taylor Swift. Especially this past year she's really become really awesome. Her fashion is on point and she just seems to be a lot of fun. Her first cover of GQ was released and she looks phenomenal. I love that she looks good without showing too much skin!

She's flawless. Fun fact, I've been to 2 of her concerts. Thanks Mom and Dad! She inspires me to rock a red lip.


If you've had the opportunity to watch the news this week then you haven't missed the destruction that flooding has caused to my home state of South Carolina. Luckily, the suburb I grew up in missed most of the destruction but still felt it's wrath. Columbia though, the city near where I grew up, is completely destroyed. The flooding has caused immeasurable damage to people's homes, jobs, the infrastructure, etc.

Praying for all of the people affected by the floods.

Well y'all I hope you have a great weekend! XOXO

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  1. So fun meeting up with you on Wednesday!! I think you have convinced me to finally buy a pair of Converse :)

  2. Take your converse to a new level and order them from crystal Faye and have them monogrammed. Talk about fabulous! Have a great weekend my friend !

  3. I love that you got to meet a blog friend! It's so fun :) Super exciting to have your own space in the office now! Hopefully it helped make up for all the overtime:) I need Converse. Like this is a legit need now. I love your outfit! Have a good weekend :)

  4. Yay for football weekend! It's OU/TX so it's crazy around here. I'm so happy you got a cubical. I got a different office and i'm so excited to share it when it's officially decorated :)