Monday, December 7, 2015

Not an Ordinary Monday

The title of this post definitely speaks volumes for itself: Today is not an ordinary Monday. You might ask why...well, it's the beginning of my Michael Jordan year! Today is my 23rd birthday! I cannot believe it's here. I truly feel like my 21st birthday was yesterday...time flies so quickly. Each year of life is truly such a gift that I never want to take for granted. I relish in the fact that I've been able to live such a full life in my short time here on earth.

That being said, I want to keep track of the memorable things 22 brought for me. Things I'll always remember, cherish, and think back to.  Some things are small, everyday, memories and some are grandiose events that will go down in my book of life. Each event is so special to me because it brought me to 23. So without further adieu, here are 22 things I'll remember about 22...

1. I graduated from the best University in the entire world...Clemson! Graduating from college is something I often take for granted because I never gave myself the option to not a) go to college and b) not graduate. But nonetheless, it's an accomplishment that I'll always remember. 

2.  Accepted a job in the financial industry in January before graduation. I'm so thankful I was able to find and secure a job before graduation so that I could enjoy the rest of my senior year!

3. I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, a new city. It has to do with #2. Starting from scratch in a city where your family isn't nearby and you don't have any friends is intimidating. But I absolutely adore Charlotte and can see myself here for a long time. Read about my move here.

4. I talked about this a lot on my blog but passing the Series 7 and 63 for my job has been one of my largest accomplishments to date. This took an incredible amount of work. Read about the joy I felt after passing the exam here.

5. I crossed 2 countries off my bucket list by visiting Belgium and Spain. Read about my trip here, here, here, and here.

6. When I was moving to Charlotte, I didn't have anyone to room with. I joined on a whim (I'm not kidding) and met this girl.

I would've never imagined that putting myself out there on a roommate website would lead to such a great friendship!

7. I knew that when I moved to Charlotte I would have to search to find a church I could call home. It only took my first Sunday to realize I found the perfect spot for me at Elevation.

8. I went to my first Panther's game! Go Panthers, keep pounding!

9. I started off my sports' kick around Charlotte by seeing the Knights play.

10. I went to my first NBA and first Hornet's game. Are you noticing a sports' theme? :)

11. This past weekend I went to see my Clemson Tigers in the ACC Championship and they WON!! They are #1 in the playoff rankings and headed to the Orange Bowl!

12. See above...I went to 5 Clemson games this season to cheer them on to 13-0!

13. I traveled with my college roommate to San Diego and Las Vegas. Read about our trip here and here.

14. Before I started my job, I spent sometime with my parents by going zip-lining in Asheville. Read about it here!

15. I colored my hair for the first time...I talk a little bit about my decision here.

16. I seem to go in themes...I donated my hair for the 2nd time to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

17. I made a huge leap and followed my heart to start this blog. I was so worried that it would be a huge flop but I've enjoyed it immensely. I'm thankful for each and everyone of you.

18. I got my pet fish, Matt-Lauer. 

19. I added 5 more holes to my ears all within 8 months. Sorry about that, Mom and Dad!

20. Decorated my first real apartment. You can read about my bed here.

21. I spent a lot of "ordinary" time with my favorite people, my family. Memories that I will never forget. I wrote about our weekend here.

22.  I coordinated Christmas dinner and decor for the first time by myself. I can't wait to continue that tradition.

22 was so good to me. But I have a feeling that 23 is going to be my best year yet. I cannot wait to share my new adventures with all of you. Have a great day! xoxo

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  1. I am so impressed that at such a young age you've got it all together. You should be so proud of yourself. Have a great day today

    1. Thanks so much, Kimm! That means a lot to me!!

  2. IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY?!?! Happy Lauren-palooza!!!!!! You've accomplished so much on year 22..take today to be SUPER proud because you should be! Hope today is the best!!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

    1. Thanks, Linds!!! I'm glad you share my love for birthdays ;)

  3. This is such a fun post! Happy Birthday! I also think of the Blink 182 lyric "no one likes you when you're 23..." I like your reference much better!

    I might have to look into for my next move, sounds like your experience was positive!

    1. I'm glad you liked this post! I didn't even think about the Blink 182 lyric, too funny! If you want some tips hit me up :)

  4. SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to you and my momma today. You had a great 22nd year and now I know 23 will be even bettter! So glad you joined the blog world and we became friends. PS. BOOMER SOONER!!!! :)

    1. HBD to your mom!! Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  5. Happy Happy Burthday Lauren! Live it up, laugh, dance, love...

  6. What a great life you've made for yourself this last year! Happy Birthday to you!!!

  7. I love how you call it the Michael Jordan year, I'd never heard that reference before! Like the comment above, I also thought of the blink 182 song!

    1. Whatever you call it, it's going to be a great year :)