Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

"Fridays are like the middle brownie in a batch." -Socrates

Okay, well Socrates didn't really say that but I bet he would've. If he ever had the opportunity to eat a brownie. I'm weird. But TGIF friends! Cheers to the weekend!


FALL. Need I say more?? I've gone into full fall mode. Think...pumpkin muffins, candy corn, pumpkins, and balcony door open. I'm in fall heaven. I've loved this week especially the cooler weather.

This picture just makes my heart happy. Also, these muffins are seriously to die for. 1 box of spiced cake mix, 1 cup of white chocolate chips, and a can of pumpkin. 15 minutes at 350 degrees and you'll have the yummiest muffin ever!

Side note, the other day the assistant manager at my apartment building did me a huge solid and signed for a package for me. I brought her a muffin to thank her. She emailed me later...

...this muffin changes lives.


Last Friday at work, we had jersey day. We had a tailgate with our teams and could wear jerseys to work! There's nothing funnier than wearing a huge jersey with dress pants...haha.

These are 2 of my great coworkers! It was a lot of fun to mix it up for work.

Oh and speaking of coworkers I'm so blessed to have made so many friend through work! I love these girls...even if they did go to the wrong school ;)


I love my apartment. It's the perfect size and location. But one of my all time favorite aspects is the view. One morning after working out I looked out the doors and was taken back by how pretty the sky looked over the city.

Side note, to the right of my view I saw a mysterious object slowly falling towards earth. No idea what it was.


Now that both my parents saw my indiscretion, I can blog about it :) I am a pretty big goodie but occasionally I dabble on the rebellious side. After passing my 7, I got the 3rd holes in my lobes that I've been wanting for forever. 

Also, I know that if I change my mind I can just take them out. So sorry Mom and Dad! Also, another Kendra Scott earrings. I love a splash of pink!


Thank you so much for all your sweet words and encouragement about my trip announcement. I am so excited to share this journey with y'all. On that note, Wednesday my train tickets arrived! I can barely contain my excitement!

I'm taking the train from Brussels to Brugges and Ghent. I can't wait to explore Belgium's cities. If you missed my post on Monday, you really should check it out! I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Side note...a huge congratulations for one of my best friends in the entire world! Kaity landed her dream job this week. I can't think of anyone more deserving. Obviously, we need new pictures together. Congrats, Kaity!

That's all for now folks! Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday! xoxo

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  1. That picture of you and your coworkers in the jersey is so cute. Also, love the view from your apartment and that you brought her those muffins. Because they sound like EVERYTHING! Have a fun weekend!!

    1. They are so delicious! You should try them!

  2. I'm loving the cooler mornings and nights this week. And I love my Kendra Scott earrings. I have a few pair and wear them all the time. Have a great weekend !!!

  3. Ok this is your mother and it is posting as you! Haha! What can I say? My parents are the greatest in the world! They love me so much and are proud of me. They are also ruining my blog post. Go Clemson Tigers! You should log out of my computer or show me how to fix this! Love and smooches!

  4. This earnings!!! i love the pink! And your fall sign basically makes me giddy haha!

    1. I don't know why, but fall makes me so much more happier!

  5. I must try those muffins!!! When I go home for the holidays I am for sure going to make them! I hope you have a great weekend :)

  6. Haha LOVE that your mom hijacked your comment section ! That blue cross body bag is adorable! So exciting that your train tix came in!!!!

  7. I love when my parents comment on my blog!! Your mom is too cute :) I love that earring!! I always wanted the bar that goes through both parts of your ear at the top...see, I did so much research on it I even know what it's called...not. Hahaha and omg my coworker made similar muffins this week and was raving about them. That is the easiest ever and so festive! Also, I have pretty much decided that being allowed to wear other clothes to work besides work clothes is the best thing ever. :)

  8. I am so jealous of your cooler weather! Here in California it's still in the high 80s and even 90s. :( It doesn't feel like Fall at all, yet. Have a great time in Europe!!