Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites

Today I'm linking up with some of my favorite bloggers ErikaNarci, and Andrea for Friday Favorites!


For graduation my boyfriend got me a Beats Pill! Naturally, it's pink. I've really enjoyed it! It gives out a lot of sound for such a small speaker! 

Not the best picture. But I love that I can bring it anywhere easily. Here I was listening to it while I cooked. I also use it to listen to in the shower or when I'm getting ready. It's definitely a favorite.


It's been a rough week between struggling to grasp the material for my exam Monday and just life in general. It's been one of those weeks when nothing seems to go right! For example, I have to wear a name badge for work. I clip it on my pocket. Well...the other day I went to the bathroom and the badge fell in the toilet. I kid you not! haha! Definitely an embarrassing moment :)

But I digress. The point of that anecdote is that I NEEDED some of my favorite guys to cheer me up...Ben & Jerry's!

Phish Food is my favorite flavor. Pure bliss ;)


I'm still going to the 6:30 am workout classes at the gym at my office. It's been such a great way to establish a routine and challenge myself. On Tuesday, my coworker, Maggie, and I went to bootcamp and it about killed us! But a tough workout is definitely a favorite. It means I did something!

No makeup. Tomato red face. Covered in sweat. Yep, sounds about right. 


I saw this mug on Pinterest and fell in love. I love pink, flamingos, and funny sayings so this mug is my love language. If I didn't already have 1029403 mugs already I would've ordered it in a heartbeat. I think it would make such a cute gift! Throw a Starbucks gift card in there and a sweet note and it would be perfect. If anyone wants to order it for me, I wouldn't object :)



Last but certainly not least, it's a 3 day weekend!! Granted, I'll be studying all weekend long but at least I don't have to wake up at this time...

and don't have to dress up like this...

Now trust me, I love dressing up but somedays it's nice to wear comfy clothes!

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Happy 4th of July everyone!

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  1. Good for you getting up so early to workout! Enjoy your weekend! Be sure to have a little fun !!!

    1. Thanks, Kimm! Have a great time at the beach!

  2. OMG that mug....SO CUTE!!!! Hope your studying goes well this weekend!! Enjoy sleeping in :) xo!

    1. Thanks, friend!! Have a great weekend!

  3. 3 things: want the speaker, love the mug and proud of you for the workouts! Keep killin' it girl!

  4. What a sinking feeling (pun intended) to have your name tag fall into the toilet!

    That mug is so cute!!

    Happy 4th girl!

    1. hahaha so true! It was a moment you can only laugh about...:)

  5. I always love your Friday Favorites! I want that mug!! I love the idea of throwing a Starbucks gift card in the mug and giving it as a gift. Have a GREAT weekend! - Seri

  6. I love working out first thing in the morning. It really sets the tone for the whole day! And I want...I need that mug!!!!

    1. I love it too! Once you get used to it you're addicted!! Did you end up making the meatloaf? Would love to hear how it went!