Monday, August 10, 2015

July Birchbox Review

Ahh...Birchbox. I love getting that pink box in the mail every month. If you missed my June Birchbox, you should check it out! Sorry that my July box is posted on August 10th...oops.

Well the slip says it all...this was a bold box. 

Here is the loot for July...


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Okay, I was so excited to get this. I love trying new dry shampoos because I workout before work. Also, I was excited that it was texturizing spray because I'm all about some beachy waves. My hair is naturally wavy and thick so often my hair weighs it down and can make the top of my hair flat. Does that make sense? This product was said to add volume so I was super pumped to try it out.

So the verdicts in, I LOVE this product. It added volume, soaked up oil, and smells delicious! Here I am...second day hair.
I would absolutely buy the full size tiny little's $42! Eek! I might have to ask Santa for it this Christmas :)

P.S. I'm wearing one of my favorite lipsticks.


Supergoop! Serum
I've mentioned before, but I'm anti sun. Maybe I was a vampire in my past life. I've tried several Supergoop! products and have always really liked it. This is a serum sunscreen that is meant to go under your moisturizer and makeup. I've been wearing it since I received it and really like it. It feels really light for being SPF 30 sunscreen and a little bit goes a long way. I would definitely recommend this!


Harvey Prince Hello Body Cream
I have a secret. I feel like I violate girl code because...I don't like lotion. Maybe it's because I'm lazy but it just doesn't seem that necessary for me all the time. I really only wear lotion when my skin is visibly dry or when I'm wearing skirts, shorts, or dresses. 

That being said, this lotion is awesome! I've worn it a handful of times already. It smells so delicious and is really moisturizing. I would definitely buy this as a gift.

4. & 5. 

Stila Liquid Lipstick

Juice Beauty CC Cream
I'm combining the last 2 products because I have pictures of me wearing both of them at the same time! So first, I had really high hopes for the Stila lipgloss. I've heard such great things and I am a total lipstick junkie. I have to admit, I was less than impressed.

The color is super bold, bold even for me. I had to blot a ton and add a little lipgloss just to make me feel more comfortable wearing it to work. Also, I didn't think the consistency was that great. It was kind of dry and didn't go on very smooth. I wouldn't recommend this unless you're looking for neon lipgloss!

Hate to continue on a negative track but I didn't like this CC cream AT ALL. I would say that one of my favorite products to receive in my Birchbox is CC cream because it has sunscreen in it and it has more coverage than a BB Cream. Well, this guy had nothing going for him. It provided no coverage whatsoever not to mention you had to use a ton for your whole face. And the icing on the smelled awful. It's organic so that's probably why it didn't have a perfume smell but it really bothered me. 

Overall, this Birchbox had some hits and miss. Can't wait to see what August box has in store! Happy Monday everyone xoxo.

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  1. Love all the reviews !!!! Have a great week

  2. I've been thinking about trying a dry shampoo! I'll have to check that one out. Love your reviews :) Happy Monday!

    1. If you want a less expensive one...try Batiste from Nordstrom. It's only $8 and works really well!

  3. AH $42! But that means it really works! I want it! Also, I think the bold lip color looks good on you!

    1. $42 is so much! Not sure I can justify it unless I get it on sale!

  4. that box is so pretty and colorful i love it!

    I could use a little volume in my life :) and your pink lip looks so pretty!

    1. I can always use more volume...the higher the hair the closer to God ;)

  5. All i've heard is good things about ORIBE products but yuk at that price! love these posts!

    not a mom

  6. I loved this post! And your hair looks amazing in those pics! Also, I made that slow cooker BBQ chicken you posted a little bit ago. Wonderful! It was a huge hit with my family which is rare with new recipes!!!

    1. Ahh, thank you so much! I love hearing about when people try out what I post! So glad your family loved it!!

  7. I still need to get a birch box!! Looks like you got great items. Thank you for showing us! - Seri

  8. Love the lip color on you!!
    I would love to try that Oribe spray, but I'm not sure if my budget can handle it :) :)

    1. Thank you! My budget definitely cannot!!! But I love it so...